Entertainment and Media

FGMK has your backstage pass to entertainment insurance coverage above and below the line. No matter where you play in the industry – as a composer, film producer, music library, production company, artist, entertainer or beyond – FGMK has unique expertise providing the entertainment insurance protection you need. Our experience insuring countless companies and individuals in the entertainment and media industry means FGMK can quickly understand your unique situation and customize the right coverage. With a broad product offering, FGMK Insurance is an easy, one-stop solution for all your entertainment insurance needs, including studio, employee benefits and personal insurance.


  • Artists & Entertainers
  • Film
  • Concessionaires
  • Promoters & Producers
  • Short-Term Productions
  • Special Events
  • Touring & Theater Groups
  • Venues & Music Groups
  • Commercial Music Producers
  • Music Libraries
  • Film Production, Post Production
  • DICE Policies
  • Film and Entertainment Professional Liability